Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What I Wore to The Beach + My Swimwear Story {ClassyGarb}

Aloha, ladies!
(Haha, I never actually say aloha, but since this is a post about the beach, well, what could be a better way to start it off?)
So, my family and I just returned from our weeklong summer vacation and I wasn't feeling very inspired on what to write or post today. It's always difficult to get back into the flow and swing of things when you've been completely off-schedule for a whole week, you know? While I had several encounters at the beach which gave me ideas on things I might want to write about sometime in the future, (think stalkers, the consequences of both modesty and immodesty, etc) none appealed for today. So instead of a full-fledged article, here's a make-shift outfit post.
A while back, we had a post on modest swimsuits and it made me want to do something furthering the topic, since in my short life so far I've already gone through a number of various 'modest swimwear' and have had the chance to somewhat 'review' each one as I had it.  Okay, well duh. If you possess something *of course* you have 'the chance to 'review' it'...that wasn't a terrific way to get my point across, I know.
Anyway. My swimwear story. So this swimsuit I currently have, I really like. You can see where I'm wearing it in these pictures, above and below. I bought it two years ago from Meant to be Modest, and had it custom made to my measurements. I had the leggings lengthened to just above ankle length, because at the time I ordered it I was really obsessive about not letting my legs be visible at all. (My views have changed concerning that, since then, and now I'm okay with my calves being visible. I rolled up the leggings a little in these photos.)
It's amazing how much your views and standards can change in several years, or throughout your lifetime. I don't really understand why I was so concerned about my lower legs showing, but I do think it was a bit too much.

This is me, with my lovely mother, who got her swimsuit from Swim-Modest. That was actually where I got my very first modest swimsuit, at about age 10. (Before that, I wore one pieces and even bikinis/tankinis as a very young girl...back then I had no idea about modesty and even if I had known, I was completely lacking any form of self-consciousness, being just a little kid.) I liked it for a while, but then I wanted more coverage on my legs so Mom and I started investigating other options. We then found Simply Modest., got a pattern, and some sweet friends of ours, actually Evangela and her mother/sisters, had some fabric already on hand and they helped sew me my suit, which turned out beautiful.  
(Here is the Simply Modest suit, I was about 12 here.)

And here is the first Meant to be Modest suit I got, in 2010. I liked this one a whole lot and was sad when I wore it out. (literally)

Back to the present again, I would very much recommend Meant to be Modest. Their suits are very comfortable and practical, plus they look cute! I literally can do any sports activity in this suit. I can do flips and cannonballs into the pool without anything coming up which needs to stay down. I can run, climb trees, body surf, you name it...and during the entire time, I don't have to worry about looking or feeling immodest.
I think that they next time I order from them I will ask for shorter leggings and perhaps sleeveless bodice, because the only negative is the awkward tan lines I get wearing this...e.g., my shoulders remain all white while the rest of my arm gets tan. I wear tank tops relatively often, so you can imagine how this looks rather...funny, to say in the least. 
These swimsuits last a while though. I bought my current one (the blue floral one above) two years ago as I already stated, and it's still practically brand-new despite all the wear it's gotten. After 3-4 years, depending on the usage, the suit material will start to stretch out and become faded, but it also depends on how you take care of the suit. And this one has double lining on the bodice, so it should be a long while before it stretches out bad enough for me to get a new one entirely.  
So, while I was at the beach my cousin got some pictures of me at our annual family picnic/reunion. I figured I'd post them because this is one of my new favorite summer outfits and I thought y'all might like to see it.

I really like this blouse. It's so summer-y and I love the color scheme.

I just loved this view! It was so cool, the trees and shoreline combined like this.

My hair was a mess, because it was hot out, yet quite breezy. And in this last photo I had actually just gotten my face painted...Don't laugh.
What I Wore
Blouse: Absolutely Famous - Sears
Skirt:  St. John's Bay - JC Penny's
Flip flops: Union Bay - Bealls
Well, I hope y'all are having a wonderful summer so far! Time for some feedback: What do you like to do for swimwear? Do you have a 'swimwear story'? And what would you like to see in a future post?


  1. Love your outfit!
    I agree, modesty standards tend to change year to year, which I think is acutally a good thing!
    Plus, as you get older more of the standards are up to you, and not your parents.
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Personally, I think modesty is in the eye of the beholder. I would never choose that sort of swimsuit, but if that's what makes you feel comfortable, then you shouldn't be pressured to wear anything else. I myself wear a bikini with shorts, but it's not for anyone's benefit but my own preference, so I don't feel any conviction about it.

  3. You look sooo pretty Leah! I love that bathing suit! Mikaela and Mom are working on mine right now....literally....Mikaela has it in her hand right now! Maybe I will post a picture of it sometime 'cause I really like it.
    I thought the bathing suit in the one picture looked familiar! I actually had a bathing suit made out of the same material and now Gabby is wearing it since we did not do a lot of swimming last year.

    1. Aw, gracias, querida amiga! And yes, you should post a picture of it when it is finished! And wow, was that several years back because I think I might remember someone in your family getting a swimsuit made with that fabric...

  4. I have a swimsuit from Wholesome Wear that I got when I first looked into modest swimwear. I honestly hate the thing and wish I would've found some of the other modest swimwear sites I know now of, like the ones you shared, because those are so much cuter and unique than my... thing.

    Also, I love that blouse! I used to have two very similar shirts - one blue and one this orangish-brown fall color - that I loved but I outgrew them :(

  5. Growth is.
    It just is.
    Whilst I appreciate the healthy female body as a work of art, not too large, not too skinny, I agree with your modestly chosen swimwear.
    Would that more young ladies, and some men, dressed as such.
    Good for you, Leah.