Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dolls and Modesty

So, I was pretty unsure about what to do for the post today, until I came across a picture of Barbie. So, here's what resulted from it.

What are we saying to little girls when we give them dolls like Barbie and Bratz? Not very good things, after all. Just look for a picture of either doll. You won't see very many modest clothes. And then there's the fact that Barbie and Bratz look nothing like a child's toy. Barbie is what people call "the perfect woman." Should we really let kids play with a toy that's known as that?

And then their clothes. It's basically promoting the trashy look. Here's a look, in case you feel too lazy to find them yourself:

Sorry if your eyes are burning, but this is seriously what little girls are playing with now. And we wonder why they grow up to look and act like they do?

I don't exactly know where I'm going with this, right now, because I'm so tired. But, hey, just think about it and you decide what you're going to do. Should we let girls play with them, or not? Are they harmless, or do they teach that it's okay to look like someone ripped half of your clothes off?

God bless.

PS: Check out the Vlog later today or tomorrow. I'm going to try to have our first video up there by then.


  1. yep, you're right.

    yesterday, i went to this blog, and it wouldn't let me enter b/c it kept telling me that there was some "malware" or something on it... weird... :-/ but today, i tried opening it up and it worked... hmm........

    1. Sorry about that Sarah. We had some technical difficulties but it's fixed now!