Sunday, April 21, 2013

Woman to Woman

In case we have any male readers, I'd like to just say that this is a women-only blog post.  So if you're a guy, move along please, nothing to see here. :)

Yesterday morning, I woke up to what should have been a perfect day.  The weather was gorgeous and we started a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for s'mores.  My brother and his wife arrived to announce an expected new addition to their little nest, empty for far too long.  My beautiful new head coverings arrived in the mail and I wrote this post relaxing on the couch with the sun streaming through the windows and a cup of wild orange tea.  Yes, a wonderful day.  Except for one thing.  Several things that I did not or did do that ruin my day until 3:00 in the afternoon.

What, you might ask, happened?

About a year after I got my period, I started having regular menstrual cramps....every month.  Awful cramps that sent me to bed moaning and groaning for several hours.  My family thought I was just being dramatic (I did have a reputation for being a bit of a drama queen) and getting used to being a woman.  They used to say, "What will you do when you have a baby?  It's WAY worse!"  One woman I know had the same problem and after marrying and having children, she told me that it's really not worse.  That in fact, labor was easier.

Anyway, over the past 10 years I have tried everything.  I know what works and what doesn't.  I'm a walking cramp doctor.  I've also discovered that I am not the only one.  So when I finally found something that works for me, I started sharing more openly about it.  This however, is the first time publishing my solution in public and I think it's long overdue.

After trying everything, I discovered Young Living essential oils and started using Lavender, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang which helped immensely.  I had several ladies talk about using an oil blend called Progessence Plus to balance hormones, but I didn't actually try it until last summer.  I started using 4 drops a day and extra once a month.  By this time, my cramps had lessened somewhat and I had learned to manage them a little better by dropping everything, using oils and going to bed.  I didn't notice a difference with the Pro.+ at first but after 4-5 months I realized that I wasn't having any trouble at all during my monthly cycles.  This has continued since then so long as I kept using the oil....

Which I haven't.  I'm not always diligent in using the Progessence and this past month I hardly used any at all.  Add to that, I did a lot of walking and some squats the day before starting this month.  Very bad idea.

Someone told me not too long ago that her cramps were like contractions.  That, dear sisters, is exactly what happened to me.  I don't think I've been in that much pain since years past when I didn't know anything to use for it.  Everything that usually helps almost right away, did little or nothing.  While my sister-in-law was announcing her baby, I was huddled in my bed feeling like I was having one.

All that to say, I have been reminded of how awful it is to have to deal with this and I won't be skipping my Pro+ for anything!  How silly of me, to know of and have in my possession these wonderful healing oils given by YHWH and not use them!  Also how silly of me to know and have and not share with others.

Progessence Plus is a blend of natural progesterone and essential oils like frankincense, cedar, rosewood, peppermint, clove and others.  One bottle lasts me about 3-4 months if I use it diligently.  Unlike a lot of progesterone supplements, it does not have to be rotated.  You just use it every day and your body will absorb what you need, when you need it and the oils included in it have more uses than just hormone balance so instead of negative side effects like Acetaminaphen, regular Tylenol, Advil, etc. it can actually have positive side effects. :)  It is not only for cramps, it balances your hormones whatever the problem (mood swings, infertility, irregular cycles, etc.) and I believe every woman should be using this wonderful blend! :)


  1. Good to know! I appreciate your sharing.
    I've had such bad cramps before that I throw up! I've learned that eating too much sugar and fried foods contributes to mine. I've found:
    heat packs are great!
    And also fabric pads. I've read online that the disposable ones can actually cause your period to be heavier and harder (go figure) anway!
    I'm looking Amazon right now for this oil! Do you just apply it directly, if so, where? Or do you use a carrier oil (Olive oil?)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Interesting, I hadn't heard that about pads, Natasha. I've used fabric before and hated it so I quit. My sisters use a Diva Cup and they LOVE it!

      You can sometimes find oils from Young Living (the only company I recommend) on Amazon, but you'll have to pay full price for them. I've found it's much cheaper in the long run to get a wholesale account (by ordering a Starter kit). You can do that here:

      I use 4 drops on my neck and this blend is already diluted with coconut oil so you shouldn't have to add any, but if you do have especially sensitive skin, Olive or coconut oil or something along those lines would be the way to go. :)

  2. Thanks for this, very encouraging!!! We use essential oils but I am very bad about it... this has encouraged me to keep up with it!:)

  3. Excellent post, Abigail. This is something which definitely needed to be covered! My cramps are utterly horrible most of the time and thus render me unable to go about my normal routine, so naturally I'm always looking for ways to help relieve the pain.
    I'd read that lavender oil rubbed on the abdominal area helped, and having used it each month I think it does indeed have a soothing effect. Heat pads I've also used but they don't seem to be super effective., all though heat DOES help. I have read it's best not to try and prevent it the day OF, but by building up your body's health in the time beforehand. E.g. eating healthy, excersising regularly, getting the vitamins and minerals you need, etc. Certain herbs like red raspberry are supposed to help during the actual period and I've found drinking a red raspberry leaf tea helps a little.
    I'd really like to try this Progressance blend oil. It sounds very promising and like I said I've tried numerous things and always eager to learn the most effective method.

    1. Red Raspberry tea is one of many remedies that I tried and it works great so long as you keep drinking it every day. I got to where I couldn't stand the taste, but for a while there that was my routine. I'd start to feel cramps coming on and I knew that the only way was to glug down some tea and go to bed. It would usually start working in about 30 minutes well enough for me to sleep. It's much easier to just put a few drops of oil on my neck every day.

      Prevention is definitely the best method. I've been mostly sugar free for almost 2 months now. Just don't decide to start exercising the day before like I did this month! :)

  4. My mom told me that the worse the cramps the easier the birth! I hope that's true because I cry every month! lol


  5. Very helpful post Abigail. I have awful cramps, and can do nothing when they're happening. I've thrown up, and just been miserable. I've used heating pads. A lot of the time I just lay and wait for it to pass. But I should definitely check into this!