Monday, April 29, 2013

A Classy Dragon Leather Belt! {review}

So, a couple weeks ago I was sent this gorgeous "Zoey" belt from Emily's Belts.
This lovely hand-crafted leather piece came wrapped nicely in a matching tissue paper; and from the moment I opened the box and unwrapped it, I knew it was a fine accessory!
It is true, genuine leather and this you can tell simply by its scent! (Am I the only one who just adores the smell of leather??)
One of the neatest things about this belt (and, most original as well) is the dragon etching on the front. Y'all might already know from past reviews that I love medieval/fantasy related things. So naturally this little emblem is one of my favorite parts of this piece!
Here, the shop brand of the belt's maker, on the interior of the belt.
I ordered the belt a tad too big, because I wasn't sure what to expect for sizing... I've found that it's wise to go bigger, when you're unsure. SO, thanks to this, I can wear this belt either at hip, or waist.
Personally I prefer to wear belts at the waist, but it's nice to know I could do either option here if I wished.

The belt has a very unique design/construction. It doesn't require a belt buckle; which is nice!
The color may appear very red in these photos but it's more of a cherry-mahogony brown.
Personally, I am really liking this belt and I know it will be used often in my wardrobe!
It is so my style, and quite clearly it has been crafted skillfully by someone very talented in leatherworking!
Find where you can get your own "Zoey" belt by clicking here. Also, why not check around the shop while you're at it? There are some other lovely belts available for purchase which you might like!
A big thank you to Marilyn at Emily's Belts for providing this item for review.
Hope y'all enjoyed!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Note: I was provided this item from Emily's Belts in exchange for my honest review/opinion.