Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flared Shirts {Closet Highlights}

So, flared shirts are totally in style now.  The compliment your waist, and hips.  I've never been one for flared shirts, but I have to admit they look really great on some people.

Another, black, flared shirt.
A belt really accents a flared shirt, making it even more flattering.

I actually do like that shirt.

The three pictures above are all actually flared shirts, even though they aren't the same kind as the ones before.  They aren't sewn right above the hips, but they're still considered flared shirts.  Those ones I would actually wear.

Picture #1: Google images
Picture #2:
Picture #3: Pinterest
Picture #4: Amazon
Picture #5: Pinterest
Picture #6:
Picture #7:

Well, I hope you liked it!

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