Monday, April 29, 2013

God's Amazing Plans

I struggled to decide on what to post today. I want everything I post to be helpful and uplifting to all of you girls, but sometimes it's hard to know just what to say.

 Today, I decided to take you into a little trip into the past.

 About four years ago I started my own website, Precious Jewels. The origin of Precious Jewels was a magazine I had tried to make before that. The website felt easier, and that I would reach a broader audience of girls. Not long after, I changed my website to God's Precious Jewels. It was my desire that this website could be used to help girls draw closer to God. I was hoping it could be my outreach.

 The site went pretty well, for a while. I had girls volunteer to help with different aspects of the site, but slowly, almost all of them stopped helping, or were unable to. Running a website is a hard endeavor on your own. I've tried to keep it up, but recently, in the last year or so especially, I've been very busy, and the site fell into disuse. But once in a while, a girl will pop up on the chatbox, wondering just what's going on. I feel bad when I see this, but until I get some more help, the website will probably sit there for a while more.

 But that's not the point of this post. It was while I was moderating and working on GPJ, that I met Leah. Or sort of met her. I found her website somehow, and followed it, and she left a comment in my guest book.

 I always had it on my heart to reach out to girls in some way. God works in so many amazing and mysterious ways. Who knew, long ago, that Leah and I, who didn't even know a thing about the other besides what our sites said, would someday be working on the same blog, and that it would be inspiration for young ladies? God truly blows my mind sometimes. He is magnificent. Leah and I met up again on the Go Teen Writer's facebook page, another hobby God gave to both of us, and that's when I figured out who she was.

 I don't know what all of you think of this story, but I just think about the way God works. How something that happens in your life, can be part of God's plan for your future, before you ever know it. So even though GPJ might not be going strong, God was able to use it to help me be a part of this blog, three years later.

 Think of what God can do in your life.

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