Monday, September 23, 2013

Guy Friends

 Hello girls! I'm here to talk about a subject that is a pariah for some... friendships... with boys! Dun... dun... dun...

 So do I support friendships with boys?

 Absolutely. Allow me to share a few photos.

  This was at rehearsal for Les Miserables. The guy in front is my best friend, Micah, my brother. There's also Kayla, a gal friend, and Aaron and Elijah, two of my guy friends.

  This photo is a couple of years old, but this is my buddy Noah. My sister married his brother.

                                               Here's another guy friend in the middle. :)

                                                         My awesome friend Jesse.

                               Here's another oldie. Nathan, another brother of my bro-in-law.

 I could probably share a dozen more photos, but you get the point. These are all guys I enjoy hanging out with, not in an awkward way either, but because I enjoy their friendship. 

 Too often girls can distort Godly friendships with young men into something ugly. They could turn a healthy friendship into a flirt fest that won't do much but make the girl look bad, or they could not appreciate the friendship, and maybe assume that the only reason a guy would hang out with them is because they're looking for a potential girlfriend.


Guys can be some of the coolest friends a gal can have. With guys, there isn't as much talk about drama, but you can focus more on subjects you both finds interesting. (Not that there's anything wrong with gal friends... I have plenty of them.)
 I've seen so many variations on this. Some girls who are planning on courtship are afraid to enter into a friendship with guys because they think it will develop into other things, so they stay away from guys altogether, or else they're the flirt who might not know just how flirty they're being.

 Friendship isn't that complex, I promise. How do you treat your girl friends? Here's a really good quote I heard from Jessa Duggar the other day.

"Girls who hang all over boys, and girls who ignore boys completely have the same root problem; they don't see them as their brothers in Christ."
Brothers in Christ. That's the important thing. The Christian guys you know are not only boys that you may or may not be afraid to approach, but they are your brothers in Christ! Do you think it's a good thing to ignore your brother in Christ? And vice versa. Keep this in mind, and you shouldn't have any trouble with a flourishing friendship.
 My friendships with guys have been very fruitful. I'm so glad for the boys I have in my life that I can talk to, and learn from their view on life, which is a little different from ours being boys and all! They're an inspiration to me. If you don't have any great guy friends like I do, then I am very sorry, because they are some of the bright points in my life. 
 Having healthy relationships with guy friends is like having a bunch of other brothers, protecting, and being there for you. I'm glad to have the opportunity to hang out with the boys. I could probably say a lot more, and I might in the future, but for now, just think about how fruitful a friendship with some good boys can be! 
 I hope you enjoyed! God bless!


  1. I loved this post Bethany and I completely agree! Actually, some of my best of friends have been guys.

  2. I also agree, I treasure the relationships I have with many of the girls I know. However I do have to call for a bit of grace toward those who fall into the flirty or fearful category, Lord knows our hearts can be deceitful, and unfortunately older adults may not always help: asking do you have a girlfriend, why not? and also the fact that being a single in a church where about most of the over-18 population is married, it can feel like you're stuck in singlesville at times LOL