Monday, September 30, 2013

The Real War on Women

 We hear about the war on women all the time. Often it has to do with work conditions, and female rights. Some of these things might be true, but what is the real war on women?

 Every day young ladies like you and me are forced to see billboards, commercials, magazine covers all depicting women. But these women are not like us. They are shown as being luscious, and thin, and desirable.

 This I present to you as being one of the true wars on women, and young girls of today. It's a depressing thing for a girl who isn't society's definition of thin to be constantly bombarded with images of Hollywood's stars, and beauty queens.

 Often in summer we see advertisements of "See (insert name here) amazing beach bod!" or "How to get rid of those pounds, and start being sexy."

 Seeing these constant reminders of the world's idea of beautiful really just makes me sick. I know, especially in my younger years, these things probably affected me, making me feel ugly, and fat. The star of the movie always seems to be thin or shapely in a "good" way. Even Disney movies often make their heroines stick thin, and young girls (including myself) watch them or have watched them.

 But what the magazines/movies/commercials fail to depict is the spiritual condition of the woman on display.  Her body may be defined as perfect, but is her spiritual condition deteriorating rapidly?

 The world fails to understand that God created all of us, and we are made the way He designed. Sure, some of us could lose a few pounds for health reasons, but we have to learn to be content with how God made us.

 I would much rather spend time with some imperfect, normal girls with beautiful spirits, then with those defined as sexy.

 I may go more into detail on this later, or perhaps one of the other ladies may. But I hope this gets you thinking.

 Don't be a casualty of the war on women. I think you're beautiful, and more importantly, God does too!

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