Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Last Rose of Summer {ClassyGarb & reviews}

Hello ladies!
Sorry I am so late to bring you a post.
My day Tuesday went a bit differently than I planned, (life tends to do that doesn't it?) and I ended up spending the afternoon at my best friend's planning music for upcoming events and hanging out gabbing about the Shindig.
And I didn't get to work on this post until the evening...eesh. I do apologize!
So what I do have here for y'all is a collaboration of sorts. It's partially a makeshift outfit post, and partially a bunch of product reviews! Fun stuff!
I'll give you fair warning though. I took all these photos last minute and it was very wet and rainy outside. So. They're not the best quality...plus, I forgot and got the pictures totally barefoot...which is how I am 99% of my life anyway so I guess it's inevitable that one of these posts a barefoot picture should sneak in...but anyhoo. *le sigh*

Top: Coldwater Creek
Skirt: "Venus" c/o of Apostalic Clothing
Scarf: c/co of S & A Scarves
Hair flower: c/o of  Fantasy Garden
Soo. Now for the reviews!
First we'll start with the lovely chevron skirt.
I really like this skirt. The tag says it was made in the USA, it's a very comfy, semi-stretchy material and of course the print is super fun!

I've always been a fan of the chevron print fad. Most trends that come and go I won't bat an eye at, but this trend? I actually like it quite a bit.
Love the color scheme of this skirt. Overall, it's a favorite in my wardrobe. I can pair it with dressier things and wear it to church, or I can throw a t-shirt on and make it a semi-casual look. Gotta love variability!
The skirt's fabric is very soft and comfortable. The length is perfect on me. (I'm 5'8".)  The waistband can be rolled/folded over to make the skirt shorter, or it can be extended. I prefer it folded, personally.
My final say on this skirt is that's it's a fabulous find! I would definitely recommend AC as a store to find modest, classy clothing items.
Next up, the feminine hair flower.
This flower was handcrafted, and I always love handcrafted things!

The flower features a spray of light, delicate silk pieces and mesh paired with several small crystals and beads to highlight the piece.

The pearl and crystal beads really add a nice feminine, princess-y touch.

The back consists of a soft felt piece affixed to a metal clasp which is slightly difficult to use initially, due to the large size of the flower, but over time it becomes easier.
The felt piece is extremely soft to the touch.
Overall, I think this is a beautiful hair piece! You should check out the Fantasy Garden shop for yourself  if you liked it as well as I do - there are many other lovely flowers to be found therein!
And while we're on the topic of hair flowers....
I wanted to give a special reference to this one.

I was sent an incredibly darling little hair flower from the shop Florentes on Etsy.
It is handmade as well, and so gorgeous! The silk like petals have been pieced together very intricately and professionally, and the backing lace piece is equally chic.

It's considerably smaller than the other flower. I like this size for tucking into a bun or more formal updo.
The only complaint I have about this lovely little piece is the means for a clasp. It is basically a pin with a fixture on the end to cover the sharp part of the pin.
Seeing that it's a hair piece, I wonder at the effectiveness of this design. Maybe it was created this way so that it could also be used as a brooch or something?
Anyway, not too big of a deal, but it was something that struck me right away when I tried to use it.
I still think it's a delightful accessory, and did you know it came all the way from Lithuania? Isn't that so neat? (Florentes definitely has some very elegant accessories.)
Now. Last but not least, one of my favorite parts of this post!
The scarf.

Can I just say that I love scarves? Whether they serve as functional or just simply a fashion accessory, I really enjoy using them. They add instant class to just about any outfit!
To be honest, one of the big things I'm looking forward to this winter is getting to use my scarves more.
The nice thing about this scarf I'm featuring today? It's not one of those real heavy winter scarves. You could wear it in the summer even, if you wanted, it's that lightweight and delicate!

I absolutely love the lacy, frilly vintage look this scarf has. It's white, so it matches with anything!
Another really neat thing about it is where it came from.

 I saved this piece of the envelope just because I thought it was so neat to see such an address.
Overall, I would definitely recommend S & A Scarves. They make beautiful work and I am thrilled with the lovely scarf they sent me!
I hope y'all enjoyed this post, and make sure to check out each of these fabulous shops for yourself!
On a side note: if you're curious as to the title, "The Last Rose of Summer"? I know it's kinda corny. But I had no idea what to call this, as I was writing it up hastily, and I thought, hey, I'm featuring two hair flowers here, and summer is coming to an end, so....yeah. There ya go! Title problem solved!

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