Monday, September 9, 2013

Purples and pinks! {ClassyGarb + Product Review}

 Hello girls! Today I have a dual post for you. *Commence cheers.* *Crickets* Okay, well... onward then.

 I was sent a lovely purple skirt from the Etsy shop SweetCakeCookie to review. So I put together an outfit to wear at church yesterday, and at assembly. My mother found the shirt and jacket for me in an attempt to find something to go with it. So now for the outfit. Here it is.

            This photo makes me look rather dwarfish haha. But it gives a full view of the outfit.

   Another angle of sorts. As you can see the skirt is cotton material. It's pretty thin and lightweight. 

 Here's my very awkward attempt to lift the skirt to show more detail. Didn't go too well. :P

 Here's a close up on the top of the outfit. As you know from earlier posts, I love to have a little jacket/sweater to go over top to add a nice detail to the outfit. I doubt the outfit would be the same without it!

                                           Look how flowy the skirt is in this shadow photo. :D

  And here are my shoes. Much like Katelyn with her high heels, I wear these sandals often with outfits during the summer. In fact, you can see them in another outfit post. I love sandals in summertime! But I'll soon be switching to closed toes and some heels for the fall.
 Want to know how I put this outfit together?

 Skirt: SweetCakeCookie. Etsy shop. 
 Pink undershirt shirt: Lands End. You can get an undershirt in several different places. My mom found this quality one at Good Will. (You know how I'm always talking about how I love Good Will?)
White over shirt/jacket: Jasonmaxwell. Another one of my mom's Good Will finds. She's a great shopper!
Shoes: Mootsies Tootsies. I believe I picked these up at Peebles. Peebles is a nice little clothing store that no one appreciates as much as they should. :P I think some of their stores are known as Beals. 

I noticed that so far I've only done dressy outfit posts... mostly. So I'll try to do something slightly more casual in the future. 

 And that's the extent of my outfit post. I hope you enjoyed it! Now for the official review...

 This skirt came from THAILAND which makes it instantly cool in my mind. Along with the package was a sweet note written by the shop owner, and washing instructions. As I said the skirt is very lightweight/made of cotton. It goes almost to my ankles in length, and twirls when you turn. I really love it, and enjoy wearing it, especially for summertime. But I'll probably continue wearing it through the fall. There is a thin, cotton underskirt sewn into the skirt. My only complaint with this lovey piece of clothing is that because of the thin substance of the fabric it might rip or something. But I haven't had that problem yet, and it's very beautiful. 

 You won't be able to get this exact skirt, because from what I can tell this shop makes homemade skirts, and they are different. But if you want an equally lovely, comfortable skirt, check out SweetCakeCookie!

 Have a lovely day! Hope you enjoyed!

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