Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tabor's Treasures {review & ClassyGarb}

I feel like I've been away from blogging so long, I forgot how to start this post. I've been here for ten minutes, typing and then deleting what I wrote.

I was sent a skirt a few months back (Yes, this post is way too late, and I'm really sorry for that), and I fell in love with it. 

The quality of the pictures might be a little blurry, since I had to have my eight year old sister assist me with the pictures. I tried doing it myself, but it's harder than it seems to take a picture of yourself wearing clothes (unless you're willing to do it in the bathroom with help from the mirror. But I refuse to stoop that low and admit defeat).

The skirt is the Vintage Gypsy Skirt. It's so light and bouncy. It feels as if it were made of air. Perfect for southern summer weather. 

Most skirts I try to wear are either too bulky for summer, or too short for modesty. And this skirt was neither. 

All in all, I believe the shirt goes pretty well with the skirt. I have no idea where it came from, sadly. My mother gave it to me. 

The shirt has a little dip in the middle, so I normally wear an undershirt with it. I bought a tank top from Ross's for five dollars to use for a few of my dresses that had too deep of a V neck. It works just fun with this shirt too. When I can't find my tank top (which is annoyingly often), I try to find a safety pin to pin the top of it.

I'm wearing the shirt right now, so I can't see what the tag says. I'm far-sighted, so anything closer to me than, say, eight inches,  is just a blur.

Yeah, yeah, it's wrinkled and my hair is a mess. Welcome to my life.

The shoes are from Kmart. From the Sofia something collection. These are actually the shoes I wear whenever I do anything. I know, it's probably not good for my feet, but I dislike flats and rare them only when I have to.

 And for the last item of my outfit . . .

Ah, yes. My favorite piece of all. My Mockingjay Pocketwatch. Abri bought this for me (and no, it doesn't come with the charm. That was also from Abri, but the chain for it broke, so I improvised). It's sturdy, does actually tell time (though mine fell and now the hands are loose, so it won't allow me to set the time), and not at all expensive.

Shirt - ???
Shoes - Kmart
Accessory - ThreeDollarShop



  1. Nice to see you back Katelyn! I love your outfit! They sell HG pocket watches? *gapes*

    1. THEY DOOOO. I love my pocket watch. I'd like to see Lionsgate come out with something to top it. Doubt they can, though.