Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Well hey!

Howdy, everybody! This is my first post on A Pinch of Classy, so you know what that means? Confetti!! And mint ice cream. Yummo! Cause it's time for celebration! Anything new and exciting calls for celebration, eh?

So, my name is Caitria Karis. I have survived 19 years here on earth. Currently, I live in the Ozarks of Missouri. It's a nice quiet place out here.

I am not quiet. As far back as I can remember, I have loved meeting new people, finding out about them, and learning about their lives. Just to warn you, in some ways, hyper doesn't even come close to describing me.

^^I feel like this most of the time. ;)

I am actually a Canadian citizen {well, dual citizen}, was born in Michigan, and spent 10 years of my life in Oregon. Yeah, go figure. ;) My Dad is a private school teacher {he's the Canadian, my Mum's from US}, but I have been homeschooled my entire life. I graduated 2 years ago.
There are 7 of us in my family. I am the oldest kid and have two brothers and two sisters. We are all pretty wacko.
^^my brother Thadden, sister Abrienne {NN} and me

^^me and my sister Brisa
^^my littlest brother, Keaton
It's GOOD to be happy, eh?!
I am also a writer. You can read about some of my current novels here and here.
And I own a business!! I raise English Golden Retriever Show dogs. They are beautiful!! And soooo much fun!!

^^this is SilverSword and Tizona
Music is a huge part of who I am. I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I started playing the piano when I was 6. When I turned 11, I joined a band so I could learn to play the oboe. They start you on a clarinet, so I played that first. When I started the oboe, I just kept playing the clarinet until we moved here to Missouri {7 years ago, when I was 13} and joined an orchestra. Then I switched to just oboe. I also sang in a choir for years. Now I teach voice and piano lessons and will be joining a "real" choir in October!! :D
And I love to draw!! You can see a few of my drawings at my blog, My Unicorn Has Wings!

I am very athletic and LOVE to play sports. Volley-ball is probably my favorite, soccer next. The rest just fall into place. :D I have been active all my life!!
So what about you?
Where are you from? What are some of your favorite things to do?


  1. Hi Caitria! Sounds like we have a lot in common haha.

    I love the dogs! They are sooo beautiful!

    I am deeply involved in music, writing, and acting, and GOD! I have four older siblings, and I'm pretty crazy. I play piano.

    What I want to know is... What are you drinking? To make your tongue green? haha

    Yes, bring forth the mint ice cream!

    1. That's awesome!!!! I'm excited to get to know you!!!

      Thanks!!! They are my babies!!! 😉

      YES!!! Oh my goodness, I didn't say a thing about God!!! I'm humiliated! 😳 You can count on Him being a huge part of my posts, here and at my own blog!!

      Haha!! It was a mnt dew java smoothie from Taco Bell!! Gooooood. :)))))

  2. Well, Caitria, hellllooooooooooooo from the Ozarks! Fellow hillbilly here! :D I'm curious what part of the Ozarks you live in.

    Your babies are beautiful; I have a Pomeranian. Or, rather, she has me. :)

  3. Wow, you sound awesome. : ) Loved this post and love this blog! Here comes another wow...your own business at nineteen. I'll be following!
    Tane ♥