Friday, March 1, 2013

A Solution To Modest & Fun Exercising

For those of you out there that are all into exercising, going to the gym, and running a thousand miles a day while trying to stay modest at the same time, you have probably felt the pressure of todays athletic culture beginning to irritate you....shorts, skin tight pants, and tank top shirts to name a few. Obviously, it is quite a feat to run a couple (OK, I’ve stopped exaggerating!) miles a day in a skirt that seems to constantly be getting in your way....but what other choice do we have.....its either conform or be courageous by dealing with it. 

 My family has had to deal with the same questions and problems, especially since some of my younger sisters are extremely into athletics. At first it was not a big problem for us since we just exercised around our house, but when we began to attend the local gym we realized that things were going to have to change. First, we started out in some stretchy capri type things that fell down every time you jumped. (Don’t worry. We found that out at home first!) Then, my creative sister found some patterns for “Gauchos”. After spending several days helping my sister sew each of us girls a pair, we were thrilled to have a modest and comfortable, not to mention pretty, solution to modest, effective exercising. On our first day of wearing them to the gym we received tons of compliments on how gorgeous and comfortable they looked....and we still continue to receive compliments on them wherever we go. 

I found a small article on the internet about Gauchos that also explains them very well. "Gaucho pants are loose-fitting pants typically worn by women and girls. They appeal to many people because of their loose fit and versatile nature. They can be casually worn for everyday wear but also dressed up with matching accessories for a more formal occasion. One of the appeals of gaucho pants is that they are a cross between pants and a skirt and, therefore, are feminine without the restrictions of wearing a skirt." 

1 Corinthians 6:20 says: “For you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” My family and I have realized that when we wear clothes that draw undo attention to us, this leads people away from God honoring thoughts. To us, it was worth spending the time in order to make something that would honor God and help others do the same, than to conform to the world and draw the ungodly attention to ourselves. 

So if there are any of you out there who are all into exercising, going to the gym, and running a thousand miles a day while trying to stay modest at the same time.....Our family recommends Gauchos! 

 Here are some pictures of my sisters in their Gauchos at the gym:

I hope all y'all classy girls have a amazingly blessed day today! Oh! Happy March 1st! 



  1. Great post Evangela! I wear culottes which, I see, are basically like gauchos! :D

  2. That's so cool! I hiked 50 miles across an island wearing a dress. It wasn't actually that bad, until the day it rained. My dress grabbed everything! That actually sounds like a nice idea.

    1. Wow! You hiked across an island?! That sounds so exciting!!! Ooooo! I know what that is like. I once went swimming in a skirt (a long time ago).....never try that! :)

    2. Once my friend forgot her swim bottoms for her birthday party on the lake. I gave her my swim bottoms and wore my skirt. There were boys at the party, and if it hadn't been a murky lake, I am absolutely sure I would have been embarrassed many times. I agree with your last statement, Evangela.

  3. Great post Evangela! I usually wear yoga pants with a long, loose shirt over it to make sure all the curves that need covering get covered. ;)
    BUT I have run 10 miles in a skirt. So. It can be done! :D
    And is that Gabby flipping? Was she on a trampoline?? I'd probably break my neck doing that. :P

  4. Thank you!
    We did the same thing, (With the shirt) until we had to do flips or somersaults and the shirt came falling down! :) (Then we decided to tuck our shirts in) Yes, that is Gabby flipping and she was on a trampoline at our gym. She is SOOO athletic that I can hardly stand watching her!!! :)