Tuesday, March 26, 2013

High Maintenance?

First of all, I have had a major lack of inspiration lately for writing much of anything...and my computer has been acting up on me, which doesn't help things. So today's post has been rather forced and a bit late, which I apologize for. 

True, this is a bit shorter than what I usually write, but I just wanted to leave y'all with something to think about.

High maintenance. 

Ever heard this term before? Sometimes, and usually, it is used to refer to a woman or girl whose demands in life are high. Demands for money, clothes, attention; it can be a number of things. Typically it seems the item is one of these three, however.

We all know of that one girl who was spoiled as a child, being given every single thing her heart desired. It didn't take long before she had developed an expectant, gimme-this-gimme-that spirit, did it? Since her every  whim and fleshly want got satisfied one way or another, she got accustomed to this treatment and developed an entitlement mentality., always expecting to get what she wanted; even into adulthood, making life hard for those unfortunate souls around her who didn't give her what she wanted. She became high maintenance. 

It's possible to be high maintenance without being super 'rich' in earthly substances or spoiled, though.
What about the young woman who was raised in a middle-class/semi-lower class household, and was always discontent with her situations and surroundings?  When she married, she became a burden to her husband, because that ungrateful spirit carried over into their marriage. Things were never good enough for her, and her demands were never being met. She was a high maintenance wife.

A Proverbs 31 woman is never high maintenance. High maintenance is being a person who is given to ungratefulness, constantly expecting far more of others than she should, and generally looking at herself as "queen of the universe" so to speak. High maintenance is given to pride and arrogance, and of course, the thinking that "I'm better than everybody else".

High maintenance is the opposite of a meek, serving spirit. It is the opposite of humility and thankfulness.

The book of Proverbs, alone, talks endlessly on thankfulness, and meekness, as compared to pride and ungratefulness.

Instead of being known as the girl who is always complaining about how poorly life is treating her, or griping about how things could be better, let your countenance shine with gratefulness and cheerfulness.

A sunny, thankful disposition goes a long, long way, ladies. 

Just a little something to ponder on!

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