Friday, March 15, 2013

What Is Your Color Style?

Good day APOC friends! My post today is going to be about finding your color style. Your color style is the shades or certain colors that fit you best (In this case the object of your color style is clothing). I have noticed that out of the four girls in our family, almost each of us have a certain "color style" that we like best. I found a website on the computer that gives you charts with "keys" that help you to find the color scheme that fits you best. Though I was already pretty sure what my color scheme was just from looking at the color charts, I am now able to know for sure what my color scheme is. You can take the test in four easy steps: 1. Eye Color- My eye color is blue  2. Hair Color- My hair color is blond  3. Skin color- This was pretty hard since these charts have so many different skin colors to choose from, so I am not quite positive which skin color I am. But I did narrow my colors down to the two seasons "Spring" or "Summer". I still have not decided yet but my Mom thinks that I am "Spring".  4. Find Your Chart- Hopefully, you can narrow your colors down to a certain shade chart (deep winter, light spring, warm autumn, etc.) but I have not been able to do that for myself. :( We also went through my two oldest sisters to see what "seasons" they were. My sister Mikaela has dark hair and dark eyes. We are pretty sure that she is "Winter". My sister Gabby has dark blond hair and dark eyes. We are pretty sure that she is "Autumn". 

Now, you may think that this has nothing to do with modesty, but in a way, it does. Have you ever seen someone that was a very nice looking person, but when they wore a certain outfit, their whole look seemed to change? Perhaps they wore a certain style of clothing that just did not look right or perhaps it had to do with the color scheme of their outfit. My sister Mikaela and I are only 15 months apart, and I have noticed how some outfits look gorgeous on her but if I try to wear them, they look awful on me. Sadly, today's culture does not seem to care much (or anything at all) about if what you are wearing looks right on you. A matter of fact, it almost seems like whoever can wear the most miss-matched outfit is the "coolest". Proverbs 11:22 says, "Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman without discretion." As of late, I had noticed a couple certain outfits that I really liked, but did not look quite right on me. Both outfits were very beautiful but when I wore them I knew something was wrong. Thankfully, after much conflict in my mind, I put the two items in the "take to the thrift store" box, along with the other girls who were getting rid of some stuff as well. A couple days later when we were going to the store I noticed Mikaela wearing a very nice looking shirt that I had never seen on her before, and then I realized that it was the shirt that I had gotten rid of, and it looked wonderful on her! 
I found this test on the Internet and copied the pictures over here, but before I did that, I cropped the pictures to take off the faces of some modern day celebrities which they were using for examples of the different color schemes. If you would like to see the complete article with the examples you can click here. (The examples are not bad, but I cropped the pictures just in case, for the sake of any in the APOC audience that would prefer not to have those pictures.) 
If any of y'all take the test, I would love for you to comment and tell me what color scheme you are! Also, If you have a blog with a picture of you on it, I would love to come stop by and see, so I can see how you found your color scheme! 
Winter Colors
Clear Winter

Cool Winter
Deep Winter

Spring Colors

Light Spring

Warm Spring

Clear Spring

Summer Colors
Light Summer
Cool Summer

Soft Summer

Autumn Colors
Soft Autumn
Warm Autumn
Deep Autumn

I hope you have enjoyed taking this test! Have a colorful day! 


  1. Awesome post, Evangela! I can definitely picture you as a light or warm spring, or light summer. I think I am actually a clear spring...that, or a soft summer or soft autumn. I had heard of this color system before but never really paid much attention to it. I have noticed there are certain colors which don't look great on me, though! :P

  2. Thanks for the post. I'm an autumn, and this post verified that I was a warm autumn. I figured that I was an autumn when I was making my hat and I was trying these pretty pale blue and pinks and they were washing my face out. Then I took a terra cotta color and it made my face glow! I fell in love with that color ever since. So far I've been sticking with reds and browns and terra cotta's and greens. I might some more adventurous pale colors, now that I have read your post ;) Thank you!