Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finding Deals {ClassyGarb}

Okay, so I just got a new dress!  ^_^  I was at Wal-Mart yesterday, walking around looking for me family, two of my brothers running around, and I saw . . . it . . .
The full picture

The pretty neckline (although I REALLY hate how the sequins
reflect when I'm reading at night with overhead lights)

Well, I saw the price and had to buy it.  I peeled away the clearance sticker, and found another one.  And under that was the original price.  The original price, was $12.  The next clearance price was $9.  The amount I paid was $3.
Now, I'm ridiculously cheep when it comes to clothes.  I really hate to spend much money on clothes, and I guess most people don't really wear the types of clothes I do, but what I'm trying to say is, if you carry only a small amount of money around with you, and see an opportunity to get a deal on something pretty and modest, then it's saves money.  The deals don't always last.  So, I don't know if anyone really likes my idea, but, it's a suggestion.
Sorry I got this out really late, but I hope everyone liked it!


  1. Very pretty! My sisters just got some dresses from Wal-Mart that almost look identical to the one you are wearing. My Dad actually bought the dresses for them because they were on clearance! I wish they had one my size but they don't. :(

    1. Cool! I really do like the dress, and wish I had gotten the only other one they had for one of my sisters. She really wishes she had one. I'm sorry there isn't one that fits you. I think they were in the girls section.

  2. Oh my, what a steal!! 3 bucks for a dress is awesome. I love it when I find deals on clothes.

  3. I love the dress! And I do the same, if I find a dress that costs so little. Deals are awesome.