Sunday, March 3, 2013

Something Of An Obsession

I am rather obsessed with polka dots. Honestly, there is nearly nothing so timelessly classy as polka dots. This post is going to be more photos than text, simply because I think polka dots are so lovely and inspirational... that I want to spread that inspiration around. :-)

Every girl should have at least one polka dot gown in their closet! Mine is made of blue denim and is sort of 40s style.

Me in my polka dot dress! I love it.

So very classy!

I love huge polka dots!

Yellow polka dots.

Deliciously polka dotty shoes.

I need this hat.

Beautifully polka dotted shoes.

Lovely spotted hat!

The polka dots really just add to this already lovely photo.

Closely set dots.

Asymmetrical polka dots!

Dotted nails.

Polka dot hairpieces are always lovely.

Possibly my favorite pair of shoes that I have ever seen.
My favorite polka dot dress photo. :-D

And there you have it! Now, go get yourself some polka dots!

If you would like to follow along with my continuing obsession with polka dots, you can check out my Pinterest board here!


  1. My sister has a pair of shoes similar the pair in the second to last photo!

  2. I think polka dots are so cute and retro - however, I currently have NOTHING in my wardrobe which is polka-dotted. -_-