Sunday, March 17, 2013

Royal + Classy: A Purple Dress {ClassyGarb}

So, I figured today I would do an outfit post, because I got a lovely new outfit about a week ago. :-) Anyways, I had won a $60 gift card to Mod Cloth, so I bought the "Rebecca to Basics" dress, and the "Winding My Way" heel.

I do love to wear jeans for my general, everyday wear, but I love the feeling of skirts and dresses when I wear them. In heels, I feel kind of stately and classy. :-D

The dress and shoes are actually different shades of purple, so this "photoshoot" is probably the only time I'll ever wear them together. :-)

Love love love the silver stripe on the heels!!! They are a suede plum material, and so far fit pretty comfortably.

I added another shirt underneath because the V opening dips pretty low. All in all though, it's a fantastic dress that I feel great in!

Now, I usually don't spend large amounts of money on new clothing, but I do enjoy making my own dresses when I can find a good deal on fabric, or have an especially strong inspiration for a particular dress. The second is what I am currently working on... It will end up being a pretty expensive dress, all told, but incredibly worth it!

A little peek at my inspiration:

Do you ever make your own clothes? What is your favorite type of clothing to make?

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  1. Wow. Awesome post, Joanna. That outfit is really pretty. I like to make are dresses. I have a couple of homemade dresses. I think it's really cool that you like to make clothes.