Saturday, March 2, 2013


Okay, so today I just remembered that today was my day to post, so I came up with this on the fly.  Forgive me if it's too blunt.
Now, my sister Anna recently got some new clothes, and they look great on her!  She's always had trouble with her shirts coming up, so we found this at the store.
 I think it's kind of hard to see her in this picture.  Here's one with her inside.
 I hope that's easier to see.  The tunic is long, so whenever she does anything it stays down.  It's a really great way to stay modest.

 The neck line of this shirt is really pretty.

These shoes go nicely with the outfit, being brown.

The shirt and pants she got at Wal-mart.
We've had the shoes forever, and I have no idea where we got them.

So, I got through my post.  I hope you all liked it!


  1. I love tunics. They are perfect for wearing over pants which might be a little tighter and you may want extra coverage for. Great post!