Monday, March 18, 2013

Preppy Casual {ClassyGarb}

Howdy y'alls! I thought it was about time for another outfit post, and I was already wearing this since we had just gotten home from going to town, so here ya go.
I really am loving this weather. Spring. Ahh, isn't it beautiful?! I have been getting outside a lot more lately and just drinking in the sun and blue skies. *happy sigh* I think I've changed my mind about favorite seasons. I used to think winter was my favorite since it's the one time of year we down here in FL get ANY weather even half close to cold; but now I am leaning more towards liking spring more. With all the green coming out in the woods, it's like the world here has suddenly sprung to life. I love it.

Shoes....and ugly feet covered with ant bites. -_- A price you pay for going barefoot all the time.

What I wore:
Top: JCPenny - Gift from my grandparents
Skirt: The Skirt Outlet (find it here)
Shoes: Sperry Topsider - Hand-me-down from Grandma
Sunglasses: Eiher Walgreens or CVS, I can't remember.
Ring: Recycled/Made by me!
I like this outfit because it's casual, but has a little preppy/"pop" to it. It's perfect for this time of year because sometimes in the evenings it gets a little chillier, so the long sleeves come in handy. I really like this particular jean skirt, also. Very practical and durable. And who doesn't love jean skirts?
Hope all you lovely ladies are having a splendid March so far! Blessings!