Thursday, March 14, 2013

Modest Bathing Suits

So it’s nearing that time again! That time when everyone wants to go swimming and if you get the privilege to go to the beach, you are to be envied, because the weather is starting to get warmer.

Okay, so not really. Not where I live, at least. It’s still snowing where I’m vacationing at (yep, I took time out of family time to write you guys this, because I love you). Actually, I’ve been sleeping most the time, so it’s not like I’m missing anything. Just thirty minutes of extra napping. NOW, back on subject. Swimming seems to be a big part of the warmer days. It’s like people can’t live without it! So they post on Facebook a million statuses that go something like this: “Hiiiiiii. Im at da beach!  Be very jelly. ;)” And then bam. You scroll down and they’re in bikinis or very revealing swimsuits. 

I don’t like those kind of pictures. Take a picture of the ocean or something, but I don’t want to see you half naked. I mean, really? Do you expect me to comment something like, “Oh, wow, guuuurrrrrrrrl, you look so gret in dat suit. So jelly. Hav fuuun 4 m, kk?”

Okay, so that’s a bit exaggerated. And I’m straying from the topic I wanted to focus on. Is there a such thing as “modest bathing suits?” I don’t know. To tell the truth, I’ve never seen one, and will have to go google it now to see. 

*A few minutes later*

*snort* Do you know what came up as soon as I googled that? One of the worst bathing suits I’ve ever seen. *cough* Yeah, better keep looking. 

*A few more minutes later*

*sigh* Okay, so what I’ve discovered is, when people think of “modest bathing suits,” they think it means covering up your belly button. But it’s more than that. Don’t you think your thighs should be cover too? You wouldn’t walk around outside wearing nothing to cover your legs, so why swim like that? If it’s not modest for public viewing, it’s probably not modest for swimming either. 

But I did find this picture from Large Families on Purpose. This is something I would be comfortable to swim in, but others might not be. I understand not everyone has worn a skirt or dress all of their lives and might not be completely able to swim in something like this (but I dare you to try). So on I keep searching.

So what about this (It's from the same website as the last)

It's a bit looser. It's modest. It has leggings underneath, like the ones above. I'm not exactly sure how that would work out for some people, but you never know until you try, right?

The reason I'm writing this is to remind you that you're not meant to be some sort of thing for people to ogle. You deserve respect. Not only from other people, but also from yourself. People judge you by what you wear. Wearing a two piece that shows more skin than it covers just says, "I don't respect myself, so why should you? Go ahead and stare at me!" Modest clothing demands respect, and says, "I'm not some form of entertainment, and you need to respect me. I refuse to be just another girl who you can stare at."

Your body is supposed to be a temple of the Lord. Treat it that way. Don't treat it like it's not worthy of respect. 

That's all for today, and I'm SO sorry I missed last week's post!  I was so busy, and it completely slipped my mind until Abri started talking about the blog. And it was around 9 or 10pm. :/ I will try to never miss a post again, without warning you. 

God bless!



  1. I agree but mostly If i have a one-piece then I am wearing board shorts and a swim shirt over top so the suit isn't even visible. I did see a sleeveless wetsuit with capri-length legs that i thought was cool though, it might be easier to swim in as well!

    1. Those are good ideas. I really just posted things I would be comfortable in. Other people have different comfort levels. :)

  2. "I don’t like those kind of pictures. Take a picture of the ocean or something, but I don’t want to see you half naked. I mean, really? Do you expect me to comment something like, “Oh, wow, guuuurrrrrrrrl, you look so gret in dat suit. So jelly. Hav fuuun 4 m, kk?” Katelyn. I LOVE this.

    Actually, I loved this whole article in general. I have a swimsuit almost identical in style to the ones in the pictures, only with longer leggings. And I have to say this is THE best option I have seen for swimming modestly and being able to move around freely without having to worry about not enough coverage.
    Literally, I have run in my bathing suit, done flips over the pool in it, and scores of other activities. I might just do a post raving on the company which makes them. ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm thinking about making a Part 2 to this, once we get a little closer to summer.
      And you should! I don't do much swimming, so I don't have one, but I might get one if I ever do decide to swim more often. I'm sure everyone would love to read about it, and I know I'd love to see your opinion on them.

  3. That is so funny that you posted on this topic! I was SO close to doing my post tomorrow about modest bathing suites! Thankfully, I changed the topic at the last minute! Great post!

    1. Really? It's a thought I had that started forming around last week, so that's really funny. xD Glad it worked out!

  4. Wow. Such an awesome post. Sarah says you have a way with words. I love the swimming suits you have up. I wear a swimming suit that has a skirt attached, but it goes down to just above the knee, and I've always wondered if there's something better I could find. If only I could find material to make my own, and be able to make it in a way that it'll stay together because I made the stitches tight enough. :p I'll definitely check out that website.

    1. That's an honor, having Sarah say that. :D She's the one with words.

      When I went swimming (back in the old days *heh heh*), I had a regular bathing suit, and I'd wear a T-shirt on top of it. I hated it, and was never comfortable. I wish my family had known about these.